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Importing a dump file from an earlier version with IMP

I have a .dmp file created in an Oracle version less than 8. I have Oracle 8 on my machine, and I have to import that dump file to see all the data and generate a report. How can I import that data by using the IMP command? It's saying that this is an unknown command.

It is certainly possible to import an earlier version dump file with a more recent version import utility. To import the entire contents of the dump file, perform a FULL import as follows:

imp userid=system/manager file=exp.dmp log=imp.log full=y
If any of these parameters are confusing, then please read the Oracle Utilities Guide for your specific version.

If you are receiving an error that the command is unknown, then it is highly likely that you do not have your PATH environment variable set to include the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory. Find the ORACLE_HOME directory on your machine. In that directory will be the import executable (imp on Unix/Linux and imp.exe on Windows). Add this directory to your PATH environment variable and try the operation again.

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