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Importing 7.3 database into 9.2

I have a database. I would like to export the whole database and import it into a database that I build. Would this work?

This will absolutely work! In fact, if you check the Oracle 9i migration guide, this is one of the approved migration paths. In order to go to 9.2.0, you'd have to first upgrade to either 8.1.7 or 9.0.1. If you want to skip this interim step, then export/import is your only alternative. Another upside is that you can change OS platforms at the same time you upgrade. The downside is that importing a large database can take a long time.

I'll leave you with two pieces of advice to ensure your transition is smoother. First, use the Oracle 7 export utility, but the Oracle 9i import utility. Second, if you are transferring the dump file to another server, make sure you FTP the fine in binary mode.

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