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Implementing Financials 11i on one box and adding another later

I am implementing Oracle Financials 11i, and I am concerned about some of the things we are doing. Can we have just one box and after the implementation get another box for testing? To my understanding patching is a continual process, and we will need at least a two-box environment during the implementation phase. Another thing, we only have two volumes to spread the data, indexes, redo logs, etc. I am a DBA and thought we had to have data, indexes, redolog and mirror redo logs on separate disks. My question is can we get by with only one box for the Financial 11i implementation and get a test box after the implementation is done? What is the disk layout for Oracle Financials 11i?

Can you get by with only one box and get a test box after the implementation is done? The answer is a feeble yes, and a strong no.

If you had a great multiprocessor, with lots of processing power, and large amounts of disk space, you could get away with installing two instances on one box, although it's not recommended. However, you indicate that you only have two volumes, so it sounds like you may be trying to squeeze things in.

Also, you don't indicate what your hardware resources are. You need to check out the installation documentation available on Metalink, as the details are resource specific.

On Metalink, doc id 215868.1 points you to all the docs on Oracle Applications. You need to check the specific installaton requirements and guidelines for your platform.

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