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I am running out of disk space, how do I hot swap my drives out?

An Oracle user asks, "I am running out of disc space, how do I hot swap my drives out?"

I am running a HP Proliant DL380 server. This is my production server. I currently have Oracle 9.2 installed to a RAID 3 configuration featuring (3) 72Gb drives. I am running out of disk space and would like to swap out those drives for (3) 136 GB drives. What is the proper way to hot swap these drives out? The aim is to have little or no down time. The database has to keep running as we are a telecom company and we need to record calls plus authorize new phone card pins 24/7. Thank you.
I would add the disk devices to the system and create them as new mount points. Unfortunately, depending on your OS, this may require a reboot of the db server. Once the file system is available, you can create a new tablespace on the new file system. Any tables can be moved to this new tablespace with the ALTER TABLE MOVE command. Any indexes can be moved with the ALTER INDEX REBUILD command. Once you have moved your tables and indexes, the empty tablespace on the old file system can be dropped. The ONLINE option of these commands means you can move the tables and indexes while not interrupting normal operations.

You will not be able to move the SYSTEM tablespace or control files while the db is up and running. You will require downtime for this. To move the online redo logs, create new online redo log groups on the new disk devices and then drop the old online redo log groups.

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