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How to work with 8.0.5 client and 9i server

I have an 8.0.5 client installed on my Win2000 machine. Because our production server is ver 8.1.7 I would like to connect to another box (Solaris with 9.2.xx server). My 8.0.5 client will not connect to 9i server, so what can I do?

Can I simply install 9i client on my machine? As far as I know it can connect to both 8.1.7 and 9.2.xx servers. What is the sequence of steps? Do I start 9i client installation cd, uninstall 8.0.5 client and then run the installation of 9i client in the same Oracle Home? Please advise as I am obviously not very much experienced and do not want to make a mess of my PC.
There shouldn't be an issue with using an 8.0.5 client to connect to a 9.2 server, but 8.0.5 was known to have many bugs and problems (especially when it wasn't patched). That's one reason why 8.0.5 was desupported rather quickly. Oracle9i does not support connections from 7.x clients, but it should support clients from 8.0 and up.

The bigger issue is likely that the 8.0.5 client wasn't supported on Windows 2000. I would stop trying to get the 8.0.5 client working on the current OS releases and start trying to figure out why you can't upgrade to the 8i or 9i client. At the very least, use the 8.0.6 client which was supported for connecting to a 9.2.0 database.

Client version 8.0.6 was supported on Win2k, but is now in extended maintenance support (EMS). 8.0.5 was never supported on Win2k nor was it ever supported for connecting to a 9i database.

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