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How to use the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)

Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains in what scenarios to use the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant and more about the Oracle DBUA in this expert tip.

What would be best strategy for upgrading the following Oracle databases?

  1. Small size Oracle database
    (15gb to 100 gb)
    (from to on AIX 5.x
  2. Large size Oracle database
    (200 GB to 1 TB)
    (from to on AIX 5.x
For both scenarios, I would use the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) in Oracle. The DBUA works well on both large and small databases. The DBUA is one of the few upgrade methods that works well and is relatively quick for large databases. And since you are staying on the same OS during your upgrades, the DBUA will work for your needs. For more information on the DBUA, please refer to the 10g Migration Guide.

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