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How to tune Perl program for managing structured data

Hello! My problem is how to tune a CGI-oriented Perl program for managing structured data (simple comma text file, or *.dbf, or MS Access db...). I have no permission to tune it directly in a Web server (Apache, UNIX). Can I have the Web server simulator or something like this in my own computer and tune my code without posting it to the server?

A lot depends on what you mean by the word "tune" in this question.

You can easily set up a Perl environment on any Win-32 system. You can get source code to compile using VC at www.perl.org, and you can get binary images ready to install at www.activestate.com that are pretty feature rich.

These will allow you to write and debug Perl scripts. They aren't scaled-down or somehow mangled versions of Perl; they are the "real thing" with all the bells and whistles. However, the hardware and load on your system is definitely NOT what these scripts will see on a production Web server. The performance on your system will give you a relative idea of the script's performance, but only the production environment can give you "real world" performance measurements.

The ActiveState implementation includes support for IIS and PWS, so you could certainly use them to simulate Web access.

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