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How to set up a job for an SQL query in Oracle 10g Grid Control

Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains when and how to set up a job in Oracle to run an SQL statement.

Regarding Oracle 10g Grid Control, is there a way to run adhoc SQL within Grid without having to set up a job to execute it?
The term "adhoc" means designed for the specific purposes of that specific task at that specific time. If you want to run a SQL statement at a regular interval, then the query is not considered "adhoc".

Oracle's preferred method of running SQL statements at a regularly scheduled time is to set up a job. In Oracle 10g+, you can use the DBMS_SCHEDULER package for this task.

Alternatively, you can set up a batch program or shell script which uses SQL*Plus to run the SQL statement. Once the program or script is created, it can be scheduled with Windows task scheduler or from cron in Unix/Linux.

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