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How to send consolidated invoices

I have one question in AR. If I made several invoices in one week and I want to send only one consolidate invoice to the client, is it possible to do a consolidate invoice even if I capture individual invoices?
Yes, assuming you are using the invoice interface, and not using a combination of manual and imported invoices. Also, consolidated billing requires the use of a single bill-to site.

In order to create consolidated invoices, you will need to enable them. You will probably want to setup a customer profile class, with the CONSOLIDATED BILLING INVOICE enabled. If the customer has multiple bill-to-sites, you can set up consolidated billing at the customer level (i.e., for each bill-to site).

The detailed setup is as follows: (Chapter 5, Transactions, Consolidated Billing, P. 375, Accounts Receivable Users Manual)

    1. Select the Show Billing Number system option check box to display the consiolidated billing invoice number in Receivables windows and reports.
    2. Define Payment Terms. The cutoff dates are used for consolidating invoices. You may want to use the LAST DAY OF MONTH check box.
    3. Define or update Customer Profile.
      a. Check the Enable Consolidated Billing check box.
      b. Choose a consolidated billing format.
      c. Assign a proxima payment term and uncheck the Override Payment terms box.

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