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How to see the image file in Oracle 8.1.6

I've figured out how to insert/update BLOB data into Oracle 8.1.6, but now how do I see the image file?

You cannot "see" the image file in SQL*Plus. SQL*Plus (or Server Manager or SQL Worksheet with OEM) are by nature text based interfaces. So no matter what you do, you will not be able to display the image in any of these tools. They just do not support graphic images.

Instead, you'll need to code an application to view this. For instance, I might be designing a C++ application with Borland's C++ Builder. I would use Oracle's C Interface (OCI) to connect to the database. From there, I would use OCI to grab the BLOB image from the table and hold the image in an appropriate datastore. Then paint the image onto a canvas to present to the user. Or I might have a Java Server Page that reads the image from the database through JDBC and then renders the image in the user's browser.

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