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How to recover a control file

An Oracle user asks how to recover their control file in the case of media failure.

How can we recover a control file, if it is lost in the case of media failure?
Hopefully, you have multiplexed your control file on different disk volumes. That way, if the disk volume is lost, you still have a copy of the control file on other disk volumes. Simply copy a good control file to replace the bad control file and you're on your way. It's that easy.

If you have not multiplexed your control file, then you can STARTUP NOMOUNT the database and use the CREATE CONTROLFILE command to recreate the control file manually. Please refer to the SQL Reference Manual for information on this command. You will need to know all of your data file locations and other control file information before you can issue this command. After the control file has been created, MOUNT the database and RECOVER USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE. As you can see, this option is much harder, which is why it is always important to multiplex your control files.

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