How to perform an Oracle 8i to 10g migration

Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains how to perform an Oracle 8i to 10g migration when moving to Oracle 10g R2 with these step by step migration tips.

I have Oracle 8i Release enterprise 64 bit. The database size is quite small, say 100GB.

Now we need to migrate to Oracle 10g R2. I have the 8i full dump taken using Oracle 8i. The new Oracle will be installed on Windows 2008 server x64 bit OS and we have Oracle 10gR2 standards 64 bit. I have not yet installed Oracle in the new server. Is there a link on step by step instruction to doing this migration from 8i to 10g you can give me?

Here are the steps for performing an 8i to 10g migration in Oracle:

  1. Install Oracle on your new server
  2. Create the new database using the Database Creation Assistant (DBCA)
  3. Precreate any tablespaces you will need.
  4. Import with FULL=Y. This will create your users and roles and everything else.

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