How to perform a Big to Little Endian conversion in Oracle 8i

Learn how to perform a Big to Little Endian conversion in Oracle 8i using either an Oracle upgrade or export/import in this tip from Oracle expert Brian Peasland.

I want to transfer an Oracle-Database from a Solaris Big Endian 8.1.7i version to a Windows machine running the same database version but with Little Endian. I searched for hours, but I only find instructions using the Data Pump or XTTS. I don't think these technologies are available in Oracle 8i. Can you help me with this?
Since you are on Oracle 8i, you cannot use Transportable Tablespaces (TTS) for the endian conversion. You have two choices. Upgrade to Oracle 9i so that you can use TTS or use Oracle's export/import utilities. For more information on these utilities, refer to the 8i Utilities Guide. Chapter 1 will tell you how to use export and Chapter 2 tells you how to use import. So there are only 2 chapters to read to understand these utilities.

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