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How to license a two-node, Oracle mirrored environment

Do you need to license both nodes in an Oracle mirrored environment? Learn the answer in this tip from Oracle licensing expert Scott Rosenberg.

We have a Linux two-node cluster (RHEE) environment with two storages on different data centers.  Our Oracle database is in a cluster package and the data was stored on the storages with HP Serviceguard (OS mirroring). Do we have to license only the primary node or both nodes for the Oracle database?

Yes. In this environment, both nodes must be fully licensed.  With regards to mirroring and how Oracle licenses a mirrored environment, this method involves the mirroring (copying) of the changes in the primary database storage units to a remote storage unit at a secondary site. This can be accomplished through techniques such as storage based remote mirroring or host based mirroring. In the event of a failure at the primary site, Oracle is run using the remote storage.

In this environment, Oracle must be fully licensed at the primary site, and if it is ever installed and/or run at the secondary site, it must also be fully licensed there. Additionally, the same metric (i.e. processor-based or named user based) must be used to license both databases.

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