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How to install Oracle 10g on Sun Solaris 9

I am trying to install Oracle 10g on a Sun Solaris version 9 platform with required patches. What are the steps?

I am trying to install Oracle 10g on a Sun Solaris version 9 platform with required patches. Initially I checked for various installed packages and I edited the /etc/system file and set shared memory and semaphores parameters and created a Unix group and a user and also created some directories for the Oracle software. Please tell me the further process or please send me the detailed steps for installation of Oracle 10g on Solaris.
I am surprised that you were able to not only create the necessary groups and users but also configure kernel's shared memory and semaphores and yet you missed the rest of the documentation. Most individuals would never have gotten this far without that documentation! Please proceed to http://tahiti.oracle.com and click on the link for the 10g documentation. Then scroll down the list of documentation until you see the Install Guide for Solaris Operating System. Click the HTML link next to that document. You will be presented with a step-by-step set of installation instructions for this specific platform.
This was last published in July 2007

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