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How to downgrade if upgrade is not stable

My database server is running on a clustered server and Oracle is installed on both nodes (not RAC) and at any one time only one of the nodes has access to the database.

I need to upgrade the software from to and the requirement is to upgrade one node first then run catpatch to update the catalog on the database.

If the upgrade is not stable, can I downgrade the database back to from Users do not want to lose any transactions.
Chapter 7 of the Oracle 9i Migration Guide is titled "Downgrading a database back to the previous Oracle release." You can find a copy of this document on Technet here.

Since you have two instances on separate nodes that you want to upgrade, I would probably suggest using two ORACLE_HOME directories. You'll have the ORACLE_HOME that both instances are using now. Then, install Oracle in a new ORACLE_HOME and patch it to Shut down one of your instances and start it up with the new ORACLE_HOME. Then run the catpatch.sql script to upgrade the data dictionary. When you are ready, upgrade the database on the other ORACLE_HOME in the same fashion. When all databases are upgraded and you are satisfied that you do not need to go back, you can remove the ORACLE_HOME directory.

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