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How to document a database in 8i

How can I document a database (existing in 8i)? Do you have any template?
One of the bad things about documents is that they seem to go out of date as soon as the documents are created. One of the nice things about databases is that they are self-documenting and are always up to date! The Data Dictionary will tell you most anything you want to know about the database. When a change is made, i.e., a table is added or a datafile is removed, the Data Dictionary is automatically updated! I tend to spend as little time as possible updating information that the database can keep track of for me. However, there is some information that the database does not keep track of (such as the hardware configuration), and there is information that you may need before you have access to the database (such as information on how to recover the database). I do document those types of things, but I don't have any such templates as the documentation varies depending on the project.

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