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How to delete a partition on the F: drive with Oracle on Windows

Get tips on how to delete and recreate a partition on the F: drive in which Oracle is installed.

I have a question about where Oracle is installed on a Windows partition. I have a Windows 2003 Server/sp2 on which Oracle is installed in the F: drive of Raid 5. We are facing a serious issue with disk space on the F: drive. After screening disk management options, we found out that we have our OS on C:, and the other partition we have created as the primary partition -- instead of the extended and then logical partition.

We wanted to delete that partition (F:) and create a new extended/logical partition. My question is, if we back up the F: drive, delete the partition and restore backed-up data back to the F: drive, will there be problem in the application?

If you shut down all Oracle software, back up the F: drive, recreate the F: partition with more space, and restore the backup's contents to the drive, then you should have no issues when you try to start up the Oracle software.

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