How to create a database schema in Oracle?

How to create a database schema?

How to create a database schema? Please let me know with commands. I am new to this DBA role. Thanks in advance.

I would highly recommend reading the Oracle Concepts Guide for information on how the Oracle database works, what its components are and some information on how to manage it. For more information on managing these concepts, see the Administrator's Guide. Both documents are ESSENTIAL reading for the Oracle DBA. I highly recommend that you read both of these cover to cover. And if you're like most of us, you will probably want to read these a couple of times as it might take a bit for things to sink in.

To me, a "schema" is a collection of objects to support your application. The schema is composed of tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, etc. All objects in the schema are owned by a user. You create that user with the CREATE USER command. After the user is created (and you have granted appropriate permissions to that user), you sign on to the database and create the schema objects. There are some who feel that creating the user creates the schema. I like to make a slightly different distinction as I feel a user with no objects is not really a schema, but all of the objects the user owns denotes the schema. Please read the documents described above and they will explain how you create users and create schema objects.

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