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How to change the date format in SQL with the style parameter

Find out how to change the date format using the style parameter in the CONVERT call in this tip from SearchOracle.com SQL expert Karen Morton.

I am using SQL Server 2008. How can I change the date to 04/14/10?  Thanks.

 SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(255), [TTRHours], 109) FROM [GM].[dbo].[WORKING_SVR_CLOSED] WHERE TTRHours <> '-' Results: (No column name) Apr 14 2010 Apr 14 2010

All you should have to do is change the last parameter (style) in the CONVERT call.  You are currently using 109 which gives you a format of ‘mon dd yyyy’.  If you simply change the style parameter to 101 instead, you’ll get the format of mm/dd/yyyy.  If you change the style to 1, you’ll get mm/dd/yy. 

Check out the full list of styles and the full usage description of the CONVERT function.

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This was last published in May 2010

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