How to calculate Universal Power Unit license requirements

Oracle licensing expert Scott Rosenberg explains how to calculate Universal Power license requirements using server processor speed in this expert response.

How do you consider/calculate an existing Universal Power Unit license so that it can be applied towards a Processor or Named user license?
Universal Power Unit was a licensing metric that was available before the current Processor licensing metric. If sufficient in quantity, the Universal Power Units can be applied to an environment. However, if insufficient in quantity, it is important to note that Oracle does not allow disparate licensing metrics to be applied within the same server's licensing.

To define your Universal Power Unit licensing requirement, a calculation is performed that is based on the processor speed (in mHz) of the server along with other factors including "Processor" counts as defined by Oracle and the type of processor. In many cases, Universal Power Units are no longer a cost-effective licensing metric because of the advanced speeds of the new processors available. There are several different strategies that can address inefficient licensing metrics in your inventory.

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