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How to FTP files in Oracle from an ASM disk to a non-ASM disk

Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains how to FTP from an ASM disk to a non-ASM disk after an RMAN backup.

I have an Oracle 10g release 2 RAC installation on Windows Server. I use an ASM disk group to manage my disk and my FRA is on a disk group. I put the archive log on the FRA disk and do my RMAN backup on the FRA disk. How do I take the result of my RMAN disk backup and put it on a tape, since it's on an ASM disk group?
Since the RMAN backup pieces are on ASM disk, you cannot access them with traditional OS commands. However, you can FTP the backup pieces to a non-ASM disk, even on another server. To learn how, read this document on commanding ASM. Go to the section titled "FTP and HTTP Access." It shows you how to FTP files from an ASM disk to other disk units. Once you have the files on non-ASM disk, then you can use any OS commands that let you copy these files to tape for your platform.

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