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How much experience is needed for a developer job?

Would anyone hire me if I just completed the Oracle Developer Track and got certified (SQL, PL/SQL, Forms I and II, and Reports)? Every advertisement I see asks for three to five years experience. I would be willing to work for peanuts until I have proven myself and the employer decides to pay me more. How do I go about getting started?
It has become a tough IT market. Many companies are even thinking of outsourcing and it is making people with extensive experience uncomfortable.

I do not know what your experience level is. However, you have the right attitude and it will definitely take you...

places. Remember successful people make opportunities out of every situation. Do you have any experience in the IT sector at all -- even if it is in some other technology? Or did you transition from some other field? Employers look at many factors in selecting a candidate. In addition to the basic technical skills, an employer can assess an individual's communication skill, adaptability, attitude towards change and most importantly ability to be a synergistic team player. You may want to promote those in your cover letter. You may also consider an internship at an IT company that works with Oracle and Oracle development tools. But nevertheless, please make sure that you constantly upgrade your knowledge of new features and technologies introduced with newer version of Oracle database and development tools.

The important thing is to get your foot in the door. The best way is to communicate to potential employers that you are willing to offer them a "try before you buy" option.

This was last published in February 2004

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