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How important is ERP knowledge?

Oracle expert Michael Hillenbrand explains how important ERP expertise is when starting a career in Oracle.

I want to start a career in Oracle. At first I wanted to be a developer, but when I met with friends and professionals in this field, they told me to study Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). However, I found a huge list of courses, and I really didn't know from where to start or what to study to seek my goal. I am a computer science graduate. Can you help me?
ERP expertise is definitely a marketable skill, but it is overwhelmingly complex and isn't something you can simply learn overnight. What you need to do is find a job in a large company that you know has ERP running, particularly Oracle E-Business suite. Work your way up as a developer and ask to be trained on the ERP side. Admittedly, not many companies will hire you as a rookie ERP specialist, this is something most people work their way into. You must understand the database, languages, and most importantly, the business processes (financials, manufacturing, etc.) first.

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