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How does the Pro*C compiler work?

How does the Pro*C compiler work? Please give details.
To be technically correct, Pro*C is a precompiler. With Pro*C, you code some C statements that access the database. When you are done, you will have a source code file (we'll call it program1.cpp). You will need to run this program through the Pro*C precompiler before it can be compiled. That is done by invoking the Pro*C precompiler on the command line as follows:

proc program1.cpp

This will create an output file with your precompiled source code. Take this new file and compile it with your C compiler. For step-by-step instructions, examine these Oracle docs:

Pro*C/C++ Getting Started

Pro*C/C++ Programmer's Guide

These documents contain step-by-step examples along with sample code.

This was last published in January 2005

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