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How does data authority affect forms design?

I would like to know more about data authority when designing Oracle Applications. Does this affect the design of forms? How?

Yes, security considerations can affect forms and reports, and how you deal with it depends on whether you are interested in validating the data being entered, the user entering data, or both.

The Oracle database has a number of ways that you can secure data in forms, verify data or audit data in forms, or create hints for data in forms. Validation and verification of data generally uses constraints and triggers. Whether you implement constraints and triggers within the form, at the database level, or as code will affect the speed of your forms, among other things.

The method used to authenticate users and processes within the system will be dependant upon the level of security needed as defined in the business rules. The use of system and object security mechanisms can also affect forms.

Check out Oracle Advanced Security option, which is designed to protect against threats to security in distributed environments. It is an extension of the Oracle RDBMS which provides features for:

(1) Data integrity - ensuring data is not modified during transmission.
(2) Data privacy - ensuring data is not disclosed during transmission.
(3) Authentication - ensuring that user, host and clients indentities are correctly known (physical and logical security) and the capability to correlate a single sign-on rather than multiple passwords.
(4) Authorization - ensuring that a user, program or process gets the correct privileges to access an object or set of objects.

Oracle Advance Security does work with Oracle reports and forms, and uses Net8 for communication with the database, although there are some differences between versions.

Check out:
1. Oracle Advanced Security at the Oracle Technology Network (www.otn.oracle.com). Under "Technology Centers" select Security from the pull-down menu.
2. "Special ops: Host and network security for Microsoft, UNIX and Oracle" by Erik Pace Birkholz, ISBN: 1931836698.
3. "Oracle Security handbook," Osborne Oracle Press, by Marlene Theriault and Aaron Newman, ISBN: 0072133252

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