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How does RAC handle DML operation in failover?

Could you please tell me how RAC takes care of DML operation in failover mechanism? If you are saying that the DML is rollback then what is the use of RAC, is it for only select statement? In RAC, you have to place the online redo logs on your shared disk system. And your UNDO tablespace will be on that same shared disk system. When a node goes down, the other nodes can use the accessible information in the online redo logs and the UNDO tablespace to handle any part of that transaction. So it can rollback that transaction if you configure it to do so. Or, you can set up the clients for Transaction Application Failover (TAF) and the client can cut over to a node that is still up and running and continue there. This option does require some additional overhead to the client so that it is "TAF-aware", but this overhead can be well worth the gains achieved. RAC is for both SELECT statements and DML statements.

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