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How does Oracle 9i Standard perform as an ODS?

I am developing an MIS solution for a client. Data currently resides in Access databases, Excel sheets, flat files and Sun systems. We are looking at Business Objects' suite for ETL, reporting and Dashboard etc. Now, I am wondering if Oracle 9i Standard Edition will work for us as an operational data store (ODS). The Data Integrator will extract data into a Oracle 9i database for BO reporting. What do you think about the Oracle edition?
Oracle produces a couple of different versions of their RDMBS product. Oracle 9i includes Personal Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Personal Edition is similar to Standard Edition except that it is a single-user database. Standard Edition contains features that will handle almost all of your database needs. Enterprise Edition contains advanced features such as advanced security, label security, OLAP, partitioning, spatial and real application clusters, to name a few. This document details the differences between the Enterprise and Standard Editions (registration required).

If you do not need to use any advanced features found in Enterprise Edition, then Standard Edition will meet your ODS needs. Additionally, if you are looking at purchasing third-party applications to run against data in your Oracle database, talk with the vendor of the application to find out what edition of Oracle 9i they support.

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