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How do I configure Oracle 8 client on a Windows 95 machine?

1. How do I configure Oracle 8 client on a Windows 95 machine?
2. Please tell me the reason why Oracle client is not getting connected while running NETeasyConfig on a Windows 95 machine?

There is very little configuration necessary for Oracle client software on a workstation. This is true for Win 9x/NT/2000 as well as the host of Unix platforms out there. Basically, you install the client software from the product media (CD-Rom). After that, you have to configure your network connections. This is quickly done with the Net8 Easy Config utility. For that, you will be setting up a service name to connect to a specific database. You need to know three pieces of information to succesfully connect to your database. You need to know the server your database resides on, the ORACLE_SID for that database, and the port that your Listener listens on (this is typically 1521 and/or 1526). Most of the time, you will be connecting through an internet connection which means that you'll need the TCP/IP protocol. The Easy Config utility just asks for these pieces of information and does all the rest for you!

I suspect that you asked question #1 because you are having problems getting a connection. This leads us to question #2. I'm not sure why you are having problems. After you've created your service name, then you should have no problems connecting with tools like SQL*Plus. If you are having a specific problem, then please post your exact error message in the forum and we can try to resolve it there. Unless I know exactly what is wrong, it is hard to help you.

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