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How can I store and retrieve movie files in Oracle?

I am developing an Oracle database where I will store movie file names and locations. On the other hand I will play these movies in Visual Basic form by a player. How can I store and retrieve these files?

Oracle can handle these Large Objects (LOBs) in the Binary Large Object (BLOB) datatype. BLOBs can hold movies,...

music clips, pictures, or any other binary data.

To learn how to code your Visual Basic application, I would recommend that you read through the Oracle® Database Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects documentation. You can find a copy of this document at the following URL:


Chapter 6 includes a section titled "Using Visual Basic (Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O)) to Work with LOBs". Chapter 14 includes more Visual Basic specific information. I would recommend reading as much of the chapter as you can though.

This was last published in November 2004

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