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How can I integrate my data warehouse into the Web?

How can I integrate my data warehouse into the Web? Are there some kind of steps to follow?

Your question needs to be broken down into a few fundamental components:

* Access to the data warehouse repositories via the web. You can accomplish this in a combination of three ways:

  • Develop ASP code
  • Implement vendor supplied OLAP tools which support Web-enabled access
  • Implement vendor supplied reporting tools with Web-enabled outputs (HTML)

* Regardless of the means you choose to access the information in your data warehouse, you need to consider how you will secure that access. You need to be sure to allow access to those persons authorized to view the data and who are authenticated. In many cases, your security needs to be down to the data element domain values. For example: if you are providing you customers the ability to see their order history for the last 90 days, you want to make sure customer A cannot see the orders for customer B. The OLAP and reporting tool vendors provide content management/security modules to assist in your security implementations. You ASP code will need an in-house security module developed.

* Capture and integration of Web-generated information into the data warehouse:

  • This is the whole area of clickstream analysis. You?ll need to look into tools that provide an effective means to capture and parse your Web-log statistics such that you can integrate those statistics into your enterprise data-model. For example: how do you associate the purchase of items from your Website back to your product catalog that is maintained on a legacy system? How do you associate the movement through your Website to the sales functions you have defined in your enterprise-process model?
  • Make sure your Website is built upon, compared and contrasted with your enterprise business process model and data model. Make sure you integrate the data structures of your Website into your enterprise data model from a logical standpoint. This will help you define the transformation rules to decode and decompose Web-log data and Web-objects such that you can join them with the data coming from your suite of operational support systems.

I wish you all the best in your efforts

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