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How can I identify data files with active Oracle I/O?

Can you find the data files with active Oracle I/O without affecting the application? Oracle expert Brian Peasland answers this question and offers solutions in this tip.

I need to move data files from one mount point to another as part of space management.

If I make the tablespaces that are currently involved in any read/write operation of data files offline, application jobs will fail.

How do I identify the Oracle data files that are part of any read/write operation in the database currently?

You cannot see which data files have active I/O, at least not by querying the database. You can use OS utilities to see Oracle I/O usage on a file. However, even armed with this information, the moment you receive the information, you are out of date. I/O on a file can change in millisecond. One moment, there is no I/O on a file and the next moment, there is I/O on that file. The only way to ensure the files have no I/O is to 1) shutdown the database or 2) take the tablespace offline. You will need to arrange some downtime as your application will be affected. 

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