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How can I find statistics on total memory usage and database connections?

An Oracle user asks How to find statistics on total memory usage and database connections.

I need to do a capacity planning for upgrading Oracle 9i to 10g on Oracle Application Tier and Database Tier.

For the application server, I need to know:

The total number of concurrent forms users during the next 2 months (March and April) at peak time. The total number of concurrent iProcurement users during March and April at peak time. Memory Usage for the same period.

For the database:

The total number of db connections during March and April at peak time. Memory Usage for the same period.

Could you please advise on how these statistics can be obtained?
If you have a current system to look at, then you can get a good start. I have never worked with the Application Server so I cannot answer your questions on that platform. But from Oracle, you can query V$RESOURCE_LIMIT to see your current number of sessions and the max number since the database was started. Oracle does not keep this information for specific months so you will have to query for this information before you shutdown the instance. The amount of memory should be relatively static from the Oracle instance's perspective. Simply sign on to the database as a DBA user with SQL*Plus and issue SHOW SGA. It will show you how much memory Oracle is using. So long as someone is not changing Oracle parameters, this will stay constant. Oracle user processes can consume additional memory, so the best way to see that is to use OS tools. In Unix/Linux, you can use the 'sar' command. In Windows, you can use the Performance Monitor.

If you do not have a current system, then the only thing you can do is make an educated guess.

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