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How can 9i Developer Suite be used for 11.5.9?

In your article, "12 critical points for implementing Oracle Applications," how can point 4 recommend the use of the 9i Developer Suite for Oracle Apps 11i 11.5.9 when 6i is the only one currently certified?

We are new to Oracle Applications and find the whole area of compatability and certifications between Oracle Apps and other Oracle "tools" to be very confusing.

Any information you could provide to clarify these relationships would be very helpful.
Good point. I understand the confusion. You are absolutely correct that 9i Developer is not at present certified, and that 6i is. What I should have said was, you may want to consider how, or whether, you will want to upgrade to 9i when it is certified.

With Oracle, an Oracle tool may be compatible, without being certified. For example, if the tool installation required some changes to operating system scripts, and these steps have not been released in the documentation yet, the tool might be considered compatible. Compatibility means that you can get it to work, but you might need some work-arounds. Or a tool may be certified on one platform, but not on another. This is typical because some operating systems or platforms are not as widely used as others. For instance, many years ago, Digital Equipment VAX computers were very well supported, and much of Oracle's development was done on VAX. This is no longer true; Oracle appears to do much of its development on Unix and Linux boxes, and had a close relationship with Sun.

What this means is that while you are definitely better off when you ensure that your Oracle tools (whether database, utilities, application server or applications) are certified for your platform, you may choose to use a non-standard platform, implement an unusual combination, or use some different parameters than recommended by Oracle. One example would be installing the database on a server with less memory than recommended. You can do so, but will not get the performance that you would get with more memory, and you may need to modify operating system parameters to allow it.

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