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How an 8i developer/DBA can get up to speed with 9i

I am an experienced Oracle developer and Oracle DBA looking for a new contract position. My problem is that many job postings in my area want experience with version 9. My last consulting assignment was with Oracle 8.0.6 and 8i. How do I get up to speed with 9; and will a company accept version 9 training but not actual experience with it?
Well you can get up to speed with books that deal with new features of Oracle9i for Oracle DBAs and/or Oracle developers. A good start will be to identify new parameters for the init files for Oracle9 as well as defunct parameters from Oracle8i and below in Oracle9. You can attend training for Oracle9i new features for experienced Oracle8i DBAs from Oracle and other training sources. So, there are many options for you.

As far as companies are concerned it is up to the company and how you present your self at the interview. Be truthful about your experience and your eagerness to learn the newer versins. But these days, companies have choices so they can be as detailed as they want in defining the skill sets they are looking for in a candidate.

Any way, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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