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How RAID affects your DBA workload

How does using RAID affect the workload of a DBA?
It depends on how RAID is configured. If it's RAID 5, for example, your workload is likely to increase, as Oracle performance is often poor with this setup. A properly-configured RAID (ideally RAID 10, or mirrored and striped volumes) storage subsystem, however, should not materially increase a DBA's workload once implemented. Most of the work involved in using RAID lies in the planning, ideally done in conjunction with your system administrator. Note also that Oracle10g provides a great new feature called Automatic Storage Management (ASM), which takes over management of all of the disk devices allocated to your database. In other words, you can now hand Oracle a pool of disks and Oracle will handle the logical volume and datafile management.
This was last published in May 2004

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