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How Oracle works with WindowsNT

1. How does Windows/NT recognize Oracle?
2. How Oracle can be migrated from WindowsNT to Unix/Linux?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "recognize" in the first question. Oracle runs as a process in your Windows server. If you fire up Task Manager, you can see "oracle.exe" running, consuming CPU and memory. For the most part, to Windows, Oracle is just like any other software that is running on the server. Many people like to have Oracle startup when the server is booted, or th have Oracle running on the server without requiring anyone to sign on to the server. This is done by using a Windows Service. A Service is a process that can be automatically started at boot time and can be run without any interaction. Most people set up Oracle to run as a Service. This is done for you at installation time.

To migrate an Oracle database from one OS to another means that you will have to use the Oracle export/import utilities. You can't just pick up the database on a Windows machine and set it down on a Unix machine and expect it to work. So you'll have to export your database, move the dump file to the new server, and import the database on the new server. This is fully documented in the Oracle Migration Guide. You can find a copy at http://tahiti.oracle.com.

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