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How Oracle Apps resolves portability problems, part 1

I'm looking for information on how Oracle Applications have resolved the problem of portability. Portability was the greatest drawback in traditional database systems. Please do include some scenarios that I can refer to.
What you are referring to is the Oracle Applications technology stack? Each of the stack components can be implemented on a number of platforms. For instance, you may want to install the Oracle 9i Application Server on a Unix or Linux box. The Report Server could easily be on Linux, but you may want the forms server on an NT box, depending on what platforms you are using. It could also run on Mac OS 9.0.4 or greater. The database server could be on either NT or UNIX/Linux. Basically, you will want to verify that the component is certified on the platform you intend to use.

Oracle's plan is to support the following platforms: (X= Supported)

PLATFORM Oracle Database Application Server Collaboration Suite
AIX-based systems (1) X X X
IBM zSeries-based Linux (1) X X IBM S/390 Based Linux (2) -
32-bit Windows X X X
IBM z/OS (OS/390) X X Linux x86 -
64-bit Windows for Itanium (1) X X (1,2) -
HP-UX Itanium (1) X X -
Linux x86 X X Linux Itanium (1,2) X
Solaris Operating Environment (SPARC) (1) X X -
HP OpenVMS (Alpha) HP Tru64 UNIX (1) X -
Linux Itanium (1) X - -
Solaris Operating Environment (x86) X - X
HP Tru64 UNIX (1) X - X
Apple Mac OS X - -

1. 64-bit only
2. OC4J only
3. E-Biz 11i 11.5.x and all applicable patchsets only

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This was last published in November 2003

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