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Hot backup using export utility

Brian Peasland recommends using RMAN in archive log mode over export for backups.

I would like to know whether there is any way to get a consistent hot backup using export or by any other means.

A backup taken with Oracle's export utility is a "logical" backup, not a "physical" backup. This mostly means that when you restore an object from an export dump, the object is a NEW object in the database. It gets a completely new object ID in SYS.OBJ$. To the database, it is not the same object. This means that you won't be able to restore to a point in time or roll forward from the time that the export was taken.

In Oracle, there are two ways to take a hot backup. The old way was to put tablespaces in BACKUP mode and to use OS routines to copy the datafiles. The new way is to use Oracle's backup utility, Recovery Manager or RMAN, to perform the backup. In either case, the backup is not "consistent." This means that there is a chance that the data in the datafile or data block has changed between the start and the end of the backup. Oracle uses the archived redo logs to resolve any inconsistencies in the data. I would suggest using RMAN in Archive Log mode to perform your hot backups.

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