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Hostname change during Oracle database migration

We are migrating our database from Windows NT 4.0 and Oracle 8 to Windows Server 2003 and Oracle 9i. I am concerned about the hostname change. Can someone guide me?

We are migrating our database to a new hardware and software platform. The old configuration is as follows: Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 8. The new configuration: Windows Server 2003, Oracle 9i. We need to change the hostname of the server during this migration. I am not concerned about the migration of the data from 8 to 9i, but I am concerned about the hostname change. Can someone guide me in the right direction?
If you are using hostname to resolve service names, for example, in tnsnames.ora files, you will need to update these on every client workstation or application server that connects to your database after the migration. Another possible issue is if you have an OEM management server running on that machine, a hostname may also require OEM configuration changes. If at all possible, test this migration in a non-production environment prior to migrating the production database.
This was last published in January 2007

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