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Host IP address can't be determined during install

When installing Oracle 8.1.7 on a Windows 2000 Server I receive an error when an IP address of a host cannot be determined. I have installed the database on this machine before and removed it. Am I missing a dependency?
I think that this error is due to the installer's inability to determine the hostname and/or IP address of the system where it's running. I'd make sure that your system is on the network and that you have your DNS servers set. On Windows, at a command prompt, the "ipconfig /all" command should tell you all you need to know. If something looks amiss in that output, the installer probably won't like it either and you'll have to remedy that before the installer will run.

You might also find more information in the installer's logfile which should be in somewhere near: c:program filesoracleouilogs. Look for the most recently-changed log there and you may find something helpful inside.

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