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Home for Oracle Application Server software

I want to install Oracle Application Server 10g on Linux. What is the recommended home for the Oracle software, and for the database?

Hello Maria. I desire to install Oracle Application Server 10g in SuSE Linux, and would like to know what is the home recommended for Oracle software, and for the database, or can they be at the same home? Thanks for your help.
If you are installing Oracle Application Server on the same server as Oracle database software, you must install those two products into two separate homes. The OUI will perform some basic checks prior to commencing the installation and it will generally not allow you to install Oracle Application Server into an existing, non-empty Oracle Home. For more information on installing Oracle Application Server software, refer to the Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 ( Installation Guide for Linux x86. Be sure to review the section that describes the prerequisite checks performed by the Installer, as well as the section that describes guidelines and rules regarding Oracle Home directories.

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