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Help for beginner installing Oracle 10g on Linux

I'm a beginner using Oracle 10g. I installed it on Red Hat Linux but am getting error messages and can't start Oracle.

I'm just a beginner using Oracle 10g in our company. I was instructed to install Oracle 10g (10.2.0) 64-bit on an IBM server 64-bit with Red Hat Linux AS 4. I configured the .bash_profile, sysctl.conf, etc. After installing I got three error messages, namely :ins_ctx.mk, ins_rdbms.mk, ins_sysman.mk. I just pressed continue. In others words, I can't start Oracle. Please, I need some advice. I would really appreciate it. I've been having this probelm for two weeks already. I tried searching solutions in Google but none of them work. Thank you very much.

It appears as though there were issues linking the Oracle software after the installation was completed. Look through the installation log, usually located in $ORACLE_BASE/oraInventory/logs. The log file will have a name similar to installActions<date_and_time>.log. Also look through the make.log file which should be located in $ORACLE_HOME/install. These log files may give you more information to troubleshoot the problem you have encountered.

You can try manually relinking the binaries by navigating to $ORACLE_HOME/bin (as the oracle software owner) and typing the following:

./relink all

This will perform the same relink that the Oracle Universal Installer attempted during the initial installation.

With respect to the second portion of your problem where you say you "can't start Oracle," did you create a database? Did it create successfully? Have you reviewed the alert log for errors or problems? You cannot really start Oracle per se … you must create a database which can then be stopped and started.

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