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Hardware requirements for constructing and developing a data warehouse

What are the hardware requirements for constructing and developing a "standard" data warehouse? Your answer is highly appreciated.

For server hardware and storage hardware:
You need to take into consideration the process of data warehousing when determining your hardware requirements. There are Data Transport Services, Staging Database processes, Data Stewardship applications, Meta Data Management functions, ETL applications, Database servers for the persistent storage area, the multi-dimensional data warehouse and the data marts, the application servers for your BI & reporting tools and the Web servers for your Web-enabled BI tools. All of these logical functions need a processing home. Next you need to size the servers to properly "feed" your selected tools, especially the ETL tool and the BI tool.

For network hardware:
You need to take into consideration the proximity of the source system application and database servers to your data warehouse servers and to your end users' desktops. You'll need to assess the amount of data traffic that will be traversing across your network and make sure to isolate and segregate your network with smart switches and routers to minimize the movement of large packets of data warehouse data across the front door of your operational support systems.

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