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Hardware requirements for RMAN

What are the hardware requirements for implementing RMAN? Do we need a separate PC?

What are the hardware requirements for implementing RMAN? Do we need a separate PC?
RMAN needs to back up to some sort of destination. This destination can be tape or disk. If using tape, you will need some sort of tape drive that can attach to your database server. You can also use some sort of automated tape library subsystem, but RMAN will need to talk to a third-party tape management system such as Legato or Veritas. This will require additional connecter software to get RMAN to talk with the tape management software. The third-party vendor can supply this software, often at an additional cost. If backing up to tape, you will need enough tape media to hold all of your RMAN backup sets. If backing up to disk, then you will need enough disk to hold the backup as well.

The tape or disk system for holding the RMAN backup sets are the only requirements for your hardware infrastructure. Many Oracle DBAs, including myself, highly recommend using a Recovery Catalog for your RMAN backups. The Recovery Catalog resides in an Oracle database. Ideally, this database runs on a completely different server. The hardware requirements for the Recovery Catalog database can be the minimums Oracle requires for your version and platform. So please check your platform- and version-specific documentation for the hardware minimums. If this server only runs the Recovery Catalog, then you do not need more than the minimums as the Recovery Catalog is not resource-intensive.

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