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Hardware recommendations for a 500 GB database

I was asked to provide my suggestions for hardware and sofware requirements for our Oracle 9i database. Here is a brief picture of the database I would be working with:

It's a transactional database. It should also support lots of reporting as well. We are supposed to go live with 200 GB of historical data. But I am asked to provide specification for a 500 GB database. Please help me with your suggestions on both hardware and software, both low cost and high cost options.

I've so far suggested the following software:

  • Erwin
  • OEM
  • Toad/SQL Navigator
Thanks in advance for your suggestions. If possible please provide me with a detailed reply on hardware specifications.

A good solution for hardware and Oracle these days is to purchase a Linux server. Since this is a transactional database with a large volume of data, the number of physical disk drives can play a big role in application performance success. The more physical disk drives you can purchase, the better. And for Linux, make sure that they are SCSI disk drives as well.

You'll probably want to make sure that you have plenty of memory for the server. A good starting point is 1 GB of memory. That should give you plenty of RAM for your OS and database and database processes. The speed of the processor isn't as much of a factor since any of the newer servers you would purchase will probably be fast enough. But I'd start with at least two processors with the capability to double if possible.

In the end, these are all guesses. Your actual usage of the server's resources will depend on many factors that you won't know until you see how the database and the data is being used.

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