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Getting prices for customers in Access

The problem I get here is I am designing a database entry for my project. My paper needs to have different prices for different customers in the database (Access). However, I do not know how to set it up. This means that each customer has its own price; therefore, what the owner needs to do is just input the quantity, click the customer's name, so, how can I do that? Do I need to use Visual Basic or SQL to design it?

You can design this in several different ways, depending on the complexity of your underlying problem. The simplest schema that meets the criteria you described is to put the cost column in the customer table. You can then compute the cost of an order by fetching the price from the customer row and multiplying by the quantity.

As an observation, this design is very simple minded. It doesn't support his tory, it doesn't support customer classes, and it just meets the requirements in your original question. If you have additional constraints, please post a message in the SearchDatabase forums to allow for some dialog about what else you need for your solution.

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