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Getting new and modified data from Oracle

I want changes made to the Oracle DB after a specific date. For example, if I have a table of 500 rows, and after one day I find 650, 200 new rows and 50 modified rows from the old rows and 100 deleted rows, can I get these rows? Can I export them or is there any utility to get the new and modified data from the Oracle DB? The main issue is to reflect the changes in the Oracle DB to SQL server (they do not have same schema).
If this is something that you need to do one time, then you should investigate the logminer utility to extract the data from the redo logs.

If this is an activity that you intend to track over time and reconcile repeatedly, then I'd create some custom triggers to track any DML changes to the table.

If you're looking to have your Oracle database and your SQL Server databases "talk" to one another, then Heterogeneous Services (HS) may have some use for you. That set of features probably will cover communications between Oracle and SQL, but you'll probably have to write your own replication routines (which it sounds like you're probably planning to do anyway). At least this way, you could keep all that in the database and not have to try to extract them from Oracle to a file and then somehow apply the changes to the SQL Server.

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