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Getting Database Configuration Assistant to work

"The Database Configuration Assistant is not being run from the ORACLE_HOME set in the OS environment. Un-set the environment variable or set it correcty to "D:Prog_fileoracleora81"

I want to create a database by accessing the Databse Configuration Assistant, but the error above pops up. After a successful installation of Oracle 8iEE, it (database configuration assitant) worked, but since the creation of the database will take so long, I have not yet created a database. The home of my 8iEE is on d:prog_fileoracleora8i. I also installed Oracle Forms and Reports after the 8iEE installation, but I made a different home on c:oracleora81. What should I do to activate my Database Configuration Assistant for me to be able to create a database?

It appears that when you installed forms/reports and created the 2nd Oracle Home for those products, the default Oracle Home value was set to that directory. When you have multiple Oracle Homes you need to point the utilities (like Database Config Asst and Net8 Config Asst) to the proper home. There should be a "Home Selector" program icon available under your Oracle Installation Products program group or you'll likely find it somewhere like "C:\Program Files\Oracle\oui\HomeSelector\ohsel.exe". If you run this program, you can change the current Oracle Home setting to the proper place and be all set.

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