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Function for calculating elapsed time between two dates/time variables

I'm trying to create a function that will calculate the elapsed time between two date/time variables (i.e. 04/30/01 5:32 PM to 05/01/01 5:32 AM.) The result I'm looking for is to have the #of days, hours and minutes displayed. I've tried a few methods but they're not exactly what I'm looking for. Do you have any suggestions for the best way to do this?

The secret to this kind of function is to extract the elapsed time at the lowest level of detail (or lower) than you need to report it. In your case, you need to report to the nearest minute, so you need to compute the difference in minutes at that level or lower. Using some pseudo-code, the algorithm looks like:

elapsed = Delta_Minutes(date1, date2)
minutes = elapsed % 60		# elapsed modulo 60 (minutes per hour)
hours = (elapsed \ 60) % 24	# elapsed integer divided by 60 (hours) modulo 24 (hours per day)
days = (elapsed \ 1440)	# elapsed integer divided by 1440

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